Research & Development     Research & Development

  1. Well-experienced Formulation Researchers to design innovative formulations and custom formulations for you.
  2. Art Designers to give you suggestions on color combination, trends and creative ideas.
  3. Packaging Design Team to develop state-of-the-art molds and advanced components.

Quality Control  TONNIE ISO-22716 TONNIE ISO-9001 ISO/IEC 17025 

  1. We obtained ISO 22716 and ISO 9001 regulations to ensure the quality of products.
  2. Our in-house laboratory, accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025, insists strict quality control and stability of our products.
  3. Every new product must be tested and verified strictly by professional team.
  4. A voluntary certification under SA8000, the international standard for social accountability, confirms our compliance with labor rights and serves as a pillar of our demonstrable commitment to established social standards of corporate governance.

Ethic / Social Compliance SA 8000

  1. Our dedication to improve the working environment.
  2. Well-defined workplace code of conduct to ensure better productivity through improved morale.
  3. We never test our products on animals.
  4. We use Minerals Conflict-Free raw materials.
  5. We follow Tonnie's corporate ethics and integrity.
  6. We never use child labor.
  7. We are against forced or compulsory labor.
  8. We provide employees with a safe and healthy working and living environment, provide regular health and safety training, and establish procedures to detect potential safety and health problems.
  9. Our employees are ensured with the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
  10. We are against discrimination of race, gender, gender orientation, age, nationality, disability, and etc.
  11. We respect the personality and dignity of employees, and strictly prohibits violence, threats or other means to restrict employees' personal freedom and forced labor. Insults, corporal punishment, assault, illegal search and detention of workers are strictly prohibited.
  12. Our working hours comply with the local labor laws and code of conduct.
  13. Remuneration: Wages meet the minimum wage requirements of local laws and the basic living requirements of employees. We never have disciplinary remuneration. We offer labor contracts to ensure the rights and interests of employees.
  14. Management system: We integrate SA8000 requirements into daily operations, establish relevant procedures, monitor actual execution, take corrective and preventive measures, and continue to improve. Relevant records are kept properly to prove compliance with the standards.

Competitive Pricing

  1. We strive to give you the most competitive prices.
  2. Alternative to produce by using our factory in China so as to provide a competitive price for you.
  3. We equipped with 48 injection machines to lower the cost of components.
  4. We can provide a total solution, from design to finished products in order to save your man-power and cost.