The formula of blush palette included:

  • Natural Blush
    Looks natural & makes your facial contour stand out.
  • Long-Lasting Blush
    Glides on skin smoothly & long lasting for 12 hours.
  • Smooth Blush
    Creates a natural, healthy shine for any skin tone.
  • Matte Blush
    Few-dusting formula.
  • Baked Blush
    Long-lasting wear.
  • Cream Blush
    Add a splash of creamy color with long lasting formula.
  • 3 in 1 Blush
    Multi-function stick for eyes, cheeks and lips.
  • Sheer Blush Stick
    Sheer, lightweight formula to create nature and fresh finish.
  • Fluid Sheer Blush
    Simply dot a few drops on your cheeks and left with glowing peachy cheeks that last for hours.
  • Aqua Blush
    This aqua-based formula has incredible texture allowing perfect blendability.