Pressed Eye Shadow Powder OC-02307
Product Serial:OC-02307

You can find a broad variety of formulae and forms. There are pressed powders, loose powders, baked powders, liquids, creams, gel, mousse etc. Our state-of-the-art technology, like laser encoding, surface coating, multi-color pressing, back filling, embossed or debossed design is available for your selection. General eyeshadow formulae are available:
• Long-wearing Formula
• High Pigmented Formula
• Shimmer Pearl Formula
• Velvet Touch Formula
• Mineral Formula
• Wet & Dry Formula

Dimension: 55x48.5x11.5mm

Pan size: C4661:42*12.4*4.5*0.23

Filling weight: 2.28g~2.36g