Brighten Stick OC-09659
Product Serial:OC-09659

There are diverse formulae, finishing effects, scents for face products. Innovative ingredients can be added to perform different functions. Different kinds of existing formulae included:
Pressed Powder:
 • Wet & Dry Formula
 • Ultra Smooth Formula
 • Moist Extreme Formula
 • Mineral Formula
Loose Powder:
 • Translucent Formula
 • Smooth Formula
 • Mineral Formula
Liquid Foundation:
 • Normal Liquid Foundation Formula
 • Liquid Foundation for Oily Skin Formula
 • Moisturizing Formula
 • SPF Formula
Foundation Stick:
 • Creamy Formula
 • Moisture Formula

Dimension:Ø 25.4x87.8mm

Filling weight:7.5g